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March 29, 2022
Adrian Baussen

How GatherIn Solves One of Gaming’s Biggest Problems

With so much content out there, how do you know where to look first?

We really are in the golden era of gaming. Streaming, eSports, YouTube creators, and just about any gamer out there has been given the green light to build a career, following, or just share their content for the pure love of it — but that often can be the problem: too much of a good thing.

The struggle

With so much content out there, it’s hard to keep tabs on what you really want to see. Getting lost in the noise, gamers often miss out on the streams and events they love, leaving us with some serious FOMO day-in and day-out.

Of course, many gamers rely on Discord as their go-to community connector, but let’s be honest, Discord servers are not the answer - they are transactional at best and often chaotic. Often there is just too much happening on the beloved chat platform, with servers and communities often turned up to 11, drowning out the smaller voices, causing you to miss out on events and announcements, and moving a little too quickly to keep up with.

Whether it’s a community game night or your favourite Twitch streamer, it’s incredibly frustrating to miss the important bits because you’re drowned out by tons of notifications (yup, we’ve all had to endure those ‘@everyone’ messages), not to mention the confusion around time-zones, ping-pong DM messages, and trying to find the actual streamer’s messages amongst all the spam and chaos.

Tired of pinging 5 platforms to find a gaming buddy?

And this is in addition to actually trying to keep track of what’s happening and when. Having to use just about every other platform known to man, having 18 tabs open, and running 3 different screens to display everything isn’t an option for most. So whether your favourite streamers and content creators prefer Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or whatever platform to schedule, announce and share their content, you may be overwhelmed by the noise on all these platforms.

As a gamer, you know the struggle of trying to find people to play with. And for streamers, finding a consistent community can be tough. You've got to keep promoting yourself and constantly update your followers on when you're streaming—and it's a never-ending cycle.

The easier way to schedule, share and filter.

Let's say you're part of a huge Discord community of PUBG players who want nothing more than to get together for an epic battle royale. With GatherIn's seamless integration with Discord, it's quick and easy for you to add all the details of your event in one place (date/time, which game mode everyone will be playing together) and send out updates directly from your GatherIn dashboard—which means all your friends will know exactly where and when to join.

One spot to curate and view all the important gaming goodness that you decide on and control. GatherIn does just that, allowing you to create your own custom dashboard to follow the people and players you want to see, along with scheduling tools with localised time-zones so that you can organise your own sessions or sync up with other gamers.

Of course, the platform is only half the equation, and we need you to help build GatherIn into something greater. Whether you’re a casual gamer, multiplayer fanatic, streaming newcomer, or content creator with a awesome following, you’re welcome at GatherIn, and the team is dedicated to helping take your game to the next level.

Become a founding member

Unlock benefits before anyone else. Email us at info@gatheringamers.com or enter your details here, where you can also stand a chance to win some awesome GatherIn swag by participating in the alpha release. 

We not only want you to participate though, but also want to hear your voice. Let us know how you think your gaming or streaming sessions can be improved by filling out this brief survey, and help us provide you with the best place to do so.

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