Building a Community is hard...but it doesn't have to be

Struggling with big Discord communities? Feel like your message was lost in the mix?
Tired of missing out on important messages and events? It's time to get rid of the noisy chats, and bring peace back to your community.

Start building a community

Don't just build a server.
Build a community.

Hosting a Discord server can be a lot of work. But you don't have to do it alone - with GatherIn you can build a community around the games you love.
Gone are the days of having to ping five different platforms and jump around the dark corners of the internet to find friends to play with. GatherIn connects with other like minded gamers in seconds, allowing you to focus on what really matters: taking on that tricky boss battle and soaking up that experience points.

Tired of people not showing up?

Connect your Discord server

Need to let your Discord community know when you're playing? Connect your Discord to your GatherIn dashboard, allowing you to let your followers and friends know exactly where and when to tune in. Streaming on Twitch? Add your streaming link.

All-in-one toolbox for gamers and streamers

Are you a streamer looking for more viewers? GatherIn has a solution for that too! You can now harness powerful scheduling and social tools to showcase your unique gaming sessions or events to the world; or find friends to join up with and play!

Want more than just solo sessions?No problem!

Create a group calendar on GatherIn so people can join in on the fun. Looking for new people to play with, use our "Find People" tool to look through profiles and connect with new players based on shared interests or game preferences.

And More...

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Adrian Baussen
March 29, 2022

How GatherIn Solves One of Gaming’s Biggest Problems

With GatherIn, you can finally build a community around the games you love.

Read our latest blogs

How GatherIn Solves One of Gaming’s Biggest Problems

We really are in the golden era of gaming. Streaming, eSports, YouTube creators, and just about any gamer out there has been given the green light to build a career, following, or just share their content for the pure love of it — but that often can be the problem: too much of a good thing.

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